Leave a big first impression as customers walk into your establishment.  Let us create a professional space by incorporating your logo along with our creative design ideas. This will not only act as the face of your business, but leave a memorable experience. You can mix a variety of signage such as an acrylic sign, wall mural, cut out lettering or digital signage.

Your workplace needs more signs than you may think, for the sake of both employees and visitors. Welcome guests and employees into your office with a stunning logo display in your lobby. Smaller signage can also be found all around. Use it to direct guests to where they need to go, use it to indicate what’s behind a door, use it to enforce safety requirements in more dangerous spaces. Whatever your use may be, there are a wide variety of signs we can install in your office, for plenty of purposes.

Logo Signage

Brand your lobby with a large sign that displays your company’s logo. These signs range from simple to unique.

Metal lettering is a popular, sophisticated choice for many offices. This style of 3D-lettering is cut from aluminum into the shape of your choice. These metal signs come in flat cut and cast aluminum styles. If you want to add some extra flare, consider choosing an illuminated option. A neon backlight on your metal sign is sure to bring an extra wow factor to your office, impressing visitors and employees alike.

For more information on all 3D lettering styles, take a look at our dedicated 3D lettering page.

Reception & Lobby Signage
Lobby Signage

Acrylic Panel Signs

Acrylic signs are a popular way to display logos, certifications, information, room descriptors, and more. Acrylic signs can be large or small, depending on what you want to display. These are a great way to bring your office’s signage to a higher visual level.

Acrylic signs are usually clear panels with opaque graphics on the front. Graphics can be full colour, or single colour. Graphics can also be clear, frosted, or reflective.

Desk Signs

Your front desk is a great place for a sign. Signs can be PVC, acrylic, metal, or a decal. It’s also possible to install a wrapped sign, in order to give your desk a cool, unique look while showcasing your branding.

There are plenty of different signs you can install in your office, and we want to speak with you about every option available. Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through it.

Front Desk Sign