Also known as “dimensional letters”, 3D letters are one of the most effective signs you can choose for your business. Dimensional signs are made using 3D letters that are cut, formed, or cast. They are one of the most popular sign types with many options to choose from.  The depth of 3D letters can give your business a more professional look versus flat signs. 3D signs, especially larger ones, are favoured due to their durability, ease of maintenance and long lifespan.

These signs can also be illuminated, with lighting options including LED, neon, backlight, and halo light.

There are plenty of different options for materials, indoor and outdoor use, small to large to extremely large sizes, and custom shapes. Laser cut acrylic, formed plastic, waterjet cut and cast metal are just some of the options. These attractive letters also come with various paint finishes making them perfect for both interior and exterior use.

Larger signs are great for displaying over your store’s entrance, in front of your building, on a roof, and more. Smaller options are a great way to bring an element of professional-looking design to your office or store interior.

There are many ways to mount metal, plastic, and illuminated letters and logos. Explore the options available for each product and let us help you choose the option that best fits your needs.

Types of 3D letters:


Aluminum signs work best in outdoor settings. They are the most durable material you can use for 3D signs.


Acrylic is a highly versatile material. Thinner acrylic works best in indoor settings, whereas thicker acrylic is a great material for outdoor use.


Foam is a lightweight and affordable option best suited for indoor use. Popular uses for foam 3D lettering is in retail and trade show settings. Foam 3D lettering comes in white, metallic gold, and metallic silver colour options.


PVC is a lightweight yet sturdy option that’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. 3D PVC signs can be cut into letters and graphics.

Display options

There are different ways your 3D letters can be installed based on how and where you would like your sign to be displayed.

Wall mounted

One of the most common installation methods. Wall mounting allows for your 3D sign to be placed either indoors or outdoors

Pin mounted

Pin mounting will give your sign the illusion that it’s floating in place. This cool illusion is a an impressive way to display your sign.

Free standing

A free standing display allows for a portable placement for your sign on a flat surface, such as floors, porches, and more. This placement is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Rooftop volumetric

Just like the name states, this is a way to display your 3D letters from a rooftop. Mounted on a strong metal frame, this is an excellent way to get exposure for your sign.