Window Graphics and Films

Call attention to your storefront with glass decals! Choose from transparent, opaque, perforated, frosted, and more. These decals are perfect for decorating your windows and providing information. Whether you go with a large, eye-catching design, or a smaller decorative piece is up to you.

The options we offer come with different levels of permanency, so you’ll want to ask us which option may be best for you. Glass decals are incredibly easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes. With proper maintenance, they can last for years. 

Vinyl Lettering

Display your business’ logo, store hours, or any other information with solid-colour vinyl lettering!

Each letter is individually cut out, but are all laid out on the same adhesive backing in order to transfer to a surface all at once.

How the vinyl lettering appears on your window is up to you. Standard lettering leaves no room for a background. Reverse cut, on the other hand, gives a solid background to your transparent design.

Vinyl letters are semi permanent and easily removable, allowing you to frequently update your storefront’s display. Vinyl letters can be installed both inside and outside, though you can expect a longer lifespan from an indoor placement.

Vinyl letters are easy-to-apply and provide your windows with a sleek, premium look. They are a great way to showcase your business name, hours of operation, a sale or promotion.

Vinyl can withstand Canadian weather and can be applied on indoor or outdoor surfaces.
Choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors.

Clear and Opaque Decals

Your storefront is the perfect place to put an eye-catching, full colour graphic. Our decals allow for just that. Your choice of clear or opaque, these decals can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Clear decals are your go-to option for stunning graphics that won’t obstruct your storefront’s view. Opaque decals are the perfect choice for putting your graphic front and centre, demanding the attention of anyone looking in your window.

The decals are also weather resistant, allowing for a longer lifespan in outdoor settings. Custom cuts allow for a variety of shape options.

Perforated Vinyl

Our perforated window vinyl provides complete window coverage. Display a vibrant full colour graphic on the outside, while having complete privacy on the inside. Perforated decals are also a great option for deflecting sunlight.

How does it work? Micro punctures are made into the back of the graphic, while a special UV ink prints the graphic on the front. This setup allows passerbys to see the graphic from the outside, without seeing the inside. Those inside are still able to see clearly out the window as if there was no graphic there to begin with.

Easily transform your large storefront windows with high-impact graphics without losing the ability of seeing out. This is a great feature if you do not want to fill your windows with solid prints or use window shades. It provides privacy from those overly curious passersby, without losing all the natural light.

While perforated decals are typically printed for full-coverage, they can also be cut into a variety of custom shapes.

Frosted Decals

Frosted decals are a great way to give your windows and glass doors a stunning professional display.

Frosted decals are created on a translucent vinyl material, giving them a sophisticated “etched glass” appearance. These graphics are popular in offices and storefronts.

Semi-transparent and available in a variety of shape options, you can choose from a reverse decal where the graphic is cut into the material, making it transparent. Or a standard cut in which the graphic is cut around the material, without a background.

Frosted window decals and frosted lettering can be elegant and create a level of desired privacy. It is achieved with a vinyl material that is frosted or also known as etched. Designed to be transparent enough to let light while offering various privacy levels. We also carry a line of decorative films for glass surfaces that can easily transform an interior’s ambiance.

UV and Security Films

Commercial window films offer UV protection, glare reduction, temperature control and improve safety and security. Office buildings benefit from these films as they can reject heat, reduce heating and cooling costs and block UV light.

Security and safety window films are also referred to as anti-shatter or shatterproof glass films. They are popular for their ability to retain glass in the event of accidental or intentional impact. Our staff are knowledgeable and carry installation certifications for these various films.

Static Window Clings

Looking for a more temporary option? Consider getting static window clings.

Available in both clear and opaque options, window clings are a simple yet effective way to display your graphic on your storefront. Best of all, clings can easily be cut into a custom shape.

Window clings can be easily installed in under a minute. Their non-adhesive back makes them easy to remove, reposition, and store. Clear or opaque window cling contains no adhesive and therefore can be applied multiple times and easily removed. Cling signs will stick to any smooth clean surface. After removal and proper storage, it can be used again at a later date.

Clear cling can be applied from the inside of a window and an opaque print is applied to an outside window. It is intended for shorter term applications as weather can affect its cling properties when applied from outside. Static cling should only be applied on the side that does not contain any ink.

Window clings are also great for vehicle windows. Advertise your business while you’re on the go. Using window clings as promotional items are also a great way to encourage others to place your graphic on their vehicle windows.