Pylon signs are tall, freestanding signs that are a great high visibility option for your business. Pylon signs are usually supported by poles, constructed out of a steel frame, along with a flexible face. These large and elevated signs are guaranteed to be seen from far away, and stand out to those passing by on the road. These signs are usually placed on the side of the road, just outside of a building’s parking lot. Pylon signs are also known as road signs, highway signs, and pole signs.

Pylon signs are durable signs made from aluminum or steel frames. These signs are typically supported by one or two poles, both of which are installed on a concrete footing. The faces of these signs can be rigid or flexible, single or double sided, and illuminated or non-illuminated. Some pylon signs combine digital LED signage, or are entirely digital.

Pylon signs are used by a number of businesses. Some of the most common business types that use pylon signs are restaurants, car dealerships, commercial lots, gas stations, and hotels. Logos and sometimes business information are the most occurring graphics on these signs. Due to their extremely large size, it’s easy to fit a logo and a couple pieces of additional information onto the sign without having it look cluttered.

Plazas and other multi-tenant businesses often make use of pylon signs with individual sign slots. These slots typically contain logos of each business found in the building. Individual slots can also be used as a building directory for businesses such as offices. The flexibility of a pylon sign is the ability to quickly change the inserts for multi-tenant complexes. This sort of signage provides businesses clear visibility in the clutter of shopping plazas and industrial parks.

Smaller pylon signs can also be found in restaurant drive thrus, for both entrance and exit signs, and somewhat larger pylon signs are used for drive thru menus.

Pylon signs are a great option for your business for a number of reasons, but are also extremely helpful for buildings that are pushed slightly further back from the road, obstructed by other buildings, or located in areas with many other surrounding businesses.

Cedar Prints can also maintain, repair, or provide a facelift for your existing signage.

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