Floor Graphics can be used for branding, wayfinding, and marketing. They are used in retail, supermarkets, trade shows, buildings, and special events. Our professional team can assist with the installation to ensure a proper application and fit. Adding an overlaminate can help with scratch and slip resistance, allowing material to withstand heavier traffic. Outdoor floor decals are also an excellent option to direct traffic to your desired location.

Floor graphics come in different forms. Decals and carpet stickers are the most popular options. Floor graphics are great for controlling direction, indicating distance, advertising specials, displaying your logo and more!

Floor Decals

Commonly found in grocery stores and other retail spaces, floor decals are a great way to decorate and provide information at the same time. Floor decals are printed full colour and can be cut into custom shapes. These decals are slip resistant and have laminate protection. Plus, they are printed with a fade-resistant UV ink to ensure your graphic looks spectacular for a long time.

Floor decals are also incredibly useful for indicating social distancing during COVID-19. Encourage your customers to stay apart from one another as much as possible. Arrow decals are another useful option in these times, as a way to control the direction in which people travel through your store.

Full dance floor wraps are also a popular choice for larger venues, halls, and gymnasiums. Easily transform and customize a large space at corporate events, weddings, or that special occasion

Carpet Stickers

Hard floors aren’t the only spot for these decals, we also make carpet stickers! Like regular floor decals, they are printed full colour, can be cut into custom shapes, have laminate protection, and are slip resistant.

Carpet stickers are intended for placement on low pile carpeting. These thin stickers are perfect for temporary use, as they typically last up to six months. When it’s time for removal, they won’t leave any sticky residue on your carpet. A normal amount of foot traffic, low exposure to UV light, and keeping your sticker in normal temperatures will help ensure the longest possible lifespan for your sticker.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next floor decal or carpet sticker order. We also offer design services if you need help with your graphic. Regardless of what you need, we want to talk to you about it.