Interior Signs

Your signage shouldn’t end once you have customers in your building. You’re going to want to catch their eye again with more signs once they’re inside!

Types of indoor signage include some of our most popular offerings, such as banners and displays, wall and glass decor, and digital signage. There’s more beyond those, as we also manufacture posters, foam boards, and other types of indoor signage.

Use indoor signs to promote sales and other offers while customers are there. Types of signs like foam boards and posters are among the most commonly used in a brick and mortar space to attract customers. Even smaller signs such as prices for everything on a rack go a long way versus a price tag or sticker.

Aside from advertising what’s in store, signage can also help personalize your space and give it its own feeling. Using your logos, colours, and other branding elements will help maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout your space. Full colour photos and graphics can easily be printed on most materials. These are a simple yet effective way to really help the inside of your business have its own unique feel.

Outside of spaces such as retail, signage indicating facilities are important in any indoor location. Exit, fire exit, and no smoking signs are just a few examples of typically non-branded, but absolutely necessary signage that should be found in your place of business.

In industrial settings, large signs indicating safety rules and hazards are essential. We manufacture heavy duty indoor signage, ensuring they can last through tough conditions as the work day goes on.

Depending on the type of material used, indoor signs are often simple to maintain. When properly taken care of, they can last for a long time. Lots of indoor signage is also easily removable and transportable in order to be reused in different spaces when necessary.