At Cedar Prints, we do more than just print beautiful signs. When you need a hand coming up with a design for your business, we can help. When your sign is ready to go, we’ll be the ones to set it up. At every point in the creation of your sign, we will ensure the job is done correctly, in order to produce a high quality result.

Plans & Permits

Some signage requires you to obtain a sign permit from the city before construction and installation. We can help with professional permit drawings, completion, and submission of your permit application. Other projects may need you to have drawings stamped from a licensed structural engineer, and we can assist with that as well.


Manufacturing & Production

With over 18 years of print and production knowledge, we pride ourselves on a team that you can count on. Today the industry is rapidly changing, therefore we continue to invest in the latest generation of technology to provide our clients with high-quality yet cost-effective services. This includes UV printers, laminators, presses, materials, and various finishing products.

Installation and Maintenance

Our work with your business doesn’t end once we’ve printed your product. Our experts will install your sign once it’s ready to be displayed. After investing in your sign, you’ll want to ensure it’s securely installed, and we will do just that.

Some sign businesses encourage do-it-yourself installation for certain products, but we believe in eliminating the risk and uncertainty that comes with trying it yourself. We will make sure that everything is safely and tightly set in place.

Not only do we install our own signage, but we have gained the reliability and trust of many local print shops for our installation expertise. Our team consists of certified, insured installers who deliver a professional, safe, and successful install.

We have access to large aerial equipment such as boom lifts, bucket trucks, scissor lifts and transportation trucks. We also maintain or reface older signs that need updating, this can be new bulbs or a whole new printed design.

Design Services

Need a logo? Unsure of what type of sign your business needs? Just need a little bit of design advice? At Cedar Prints, we employ expert designers with years of experience.

Having designed the signs of many businesses in the past, we are a trusted business that will help you create a design you’ll love. Your branding is incredibly important to your business’ visibility, and we’ll make sure yours is stunning.

If you are just getting started, we offer everything from a simple logo design to a full branding package. This can include market and competitor analysis to figure out how your brand can stand out.

If you already have a brand, Great! We will work with your logo and carefully plan out your creative sign to be effective, legible, and make it pop.

At Cedar Prints, our process is more than taking a design and putting it on a product. We want to work with you from beginning to end, ensuring you get exactly what you want when you use our services. We would love to chat with you about your next sign idea, and all the steps involved in the process. Not looking to buy right now, but have questions? We still want to talk to you. Get in touch with us today.