The printing process can come with a number of questions. We’re here to answer them and help you better understand how things work. Take a look at this handy FAQ we’ve put together:

1. How long does it take to make a sign?

Print-ready designs can be produced in just a few days, and custom signs between 5-10. More complex jobs requiring permits and fabrication will vary based on project size.

2. What are your top maintenance tips?

  • Ensure sign is clean of any debris when possible.
  • Mild soap and water work well without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • For lit signs, have a sign professional check to ensure everything is in working order.
  • Follow provided care and maintenance guide with individual products.

3. Can I use my own design?

While we recommend working with our talented and creative design team, if you have a completed design you would like to use, we are more than happy to work with your artwork.

4. How can I know what type of signage is right for my business?

Utilizing our many years of in-depth knowledge we offer free on-site consultation. This will not only guide you but help choose the most effective signage, based on your objective, budget and sign location.

5. What are the steps in the sign-making process?

Depending on the scope of the work, we would begin with establishing a goal. After careful planning, we begin the design stage. Once artwork is approved, we begin fabricating/printing the signage. The final stage is delivery and scheduling an install. Clients with smaller signage can arrange for pick up.

6. Do I need a permit to display my sign?

Most existing signage space will not require a sign permit. If a large new sign is installed on a building or into the ground, a sign and building permit may be required.

We will help answer any questions regarding the cities building code, and ensure your sign complies with the Sign By-law.

7. How big should my sign be?

Signage size is based on viewing distance and available workspace. We can help determine based on measurements and guidelines to make your signage effective and legible.

8. Why should I choose Cedar Prints over other local sign companies?

Collectively, we have over 18 years of experience in the print and sign industry. We make the entire process an easy and frictionless experience. We treat every project individually, knowing that our reputation is on the line. Our customers are always taken care of, as they place trust in our finished product or services.

9. How long do signs usually last?

Depending on the desired display time of the signage, temporary signs can last from a year to a long term structure that can stay up for generations to come. While most prints will not show fading until 2-3 years, advancements in pro-grade printed/laminated signs can now last up to 7-12 years before fading. Thus, providing a solution for all budgets and duration.

10. What are the benefits of digital vs. non-digital signs?

  • Content, content, content.
  • With traditional signage you can only display one static image. It needs to be printed then physically installed onsite.
  • Digital signs can display videos, images, news, weather, and streaming content all at once.
  • It can be updated anytime and as often as required, right from a browser.
  • While upfront costs are higher, long term operational costs are reduced.
  • In most cases there is a place for both static and digital signage. Perhaps the appropriate approach is to mix both technologies for maximum results.

Still have questions? Get in touch with us, we’d love to chat with you.