Unlike printed signs, Digital Signage is constantly changing and updating your information. It can educate, influence, upsell, and interact with your potential customers to be informed of your current offering. Your messages can be displayed on our pro grade TVs, commercial screens, interactive displays or video walls.

Commercial screens are brighter, offer wider colour, extended viewing angles, longer runtime, and withstand the elements that are in your workplace, when compared to consumer TVs. On a larger scale, we also offer full video walls allowing a crowd to be part of a grand format viewing experience.

Digital signage is the perfect option for anyone looking to combine endless possibilities, multiple pieces of content, and a coolness factor into their signage. If you’re looking to go beyond traditional options, digital signage is the right choice for you.

A digital sign shows your business is committed to staying modern and exploring futuristic ways to put yourself out there. Digital signs can display static, animations, multiple pieces of content, and so much more. Electronic signage is a highly effective way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Rotating through displays has never been easier. No need to create a new traditional sign every time you have a new promotion, just simply change the content on your electronic sign and you’re good to go. As customers and frequent passer-byers get to know your sign, all eyes will be on you as others look forward to seeing your new displays as you go through updates. If you use a cloud software, this can easily allow you to change your sign from anywhere at any time, even if you’re not at your business at the time.


Electronic signs can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Types of signs include LED, LCD, video walls, kiosks, and more. Different types are suited to different needs, so we encourage you to chat with us first to discuss what would work best for your business. Though the upfront costs of a digital sign may be on the more expensive side, a digital sign will save you money in the long run, especially on operational costs. Money can also be saved on not having to buy a new traditional sign every time you have something new you want to advertise. Digital signage doesn’t have to cancel out traditional signage either, and oftentimes, the two can work hand in hand with one another. This all depends on the needs of your business and can be determined by yourself, or with our additional guidance.

Interactive Display & Digital Kiosks

Interactive Displays can be seen at shopping centers, education facilities, dealerships, architects, and offices. Enjoy smooth writing, navigating, presenting, interacting, and learning with the touch of a finger or digital pen.

Digital whiteboards help to better facilitate presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making.

While Kiosks can create a digitally immersive shopping experience, guide people through complex environments, effectively communicates with employees and much more.

Media Player

Media players allow us to manage our screens and the content that is displayed. While plug and play content with a simple usb is possible, we highly recommend it in cloud-based content. This allows us to manage your signage from virtually anywhere accessing servers from a simple browser or smartphone.

As a result, your advertisement is fresh, quickly accessible and changed as necessary without having anyone on-site. Our hardware varies in size and functionality based on the project and campaign objectives.

Content Creation

The most important component of digital signage after the hardware is the content itself. Great content is more than just pretty pictures. Every element serves a purpose. Motion graphics, copy, images, video and live data feeds work together to make a personal connection.

Our creative team consists of photographers, videographers, designers, and programmers to create the most effective and powerful content that will not only elevate your brand but reach new heights.