Wall Decals

Create a big impact by transforming your empty walls with decals and murals. Decorate the interior walls of office spaces, cafes, government buildings, museums, and even your own home. Our head turning designs will turn any space into an inspiring atmosphere. Installation is quick and unlike hand-painted murals, it’s easy to update anytime you like. Our removable low-tac vinyl will easily remove and not damage your existing walls.

Available in different shapes and sizes, and in any colours you want. Our indoor decals are made from a durable vinyl material, built to last. They can even be easily removed and reinstalled without causing damage to the decal or your walls. Easy to maintain, you’ll want these in your office, retail space, or home.

Our wall decals are printed full colour onto an adhesive, opaque vinyl material. These decals are easily removable and repositionable thanks to its low-tack adhesive. Our decals come in a number of different sizes, and can be cut into the custom shape of your choice.

It is best to install your wall decal on a smooth, non-porous surface in a cool, dry room.

We also offer high-adhesive permanent decals for long-term placements. These typically work best in commercial and industrial spaces due to their extreme durability.

Wall Stickers

Incredibly similar to wall decals, wall stickers are great for use in your home or office. Easy to peel and apply yourself, they can also be repositioned and removed. The adhesive on wall stickers is strong enough to stick to your walls for a long time, but not strong enough to remain permanent.

Wall Quotes

We also offer wall quotes, which are different from the typical wall decal or sticker. One of the biggest differences is that wall quotes are not removable and repositionable. This is due to the stronger adhesive used for wall stickers, which can also damage walls when removed. Removing a wall decal or sticker, on the other hand, will not ruin your wall. Wall quotes are also transparent, while wall decals and stickers are opaque.

We want to work with you to create a stunning wall graphic for your business or home! Get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have along the way.