A-Frames, sandwich boards, whatever you’d like to call them! These signs are perfect for sidewalk advertising outside of your business.

Sturdy and collapsable, A-frame signs are incredibly portable and easy to set up. Available in heavy duty plastic or metal, A-frame signs were built to last through non-extreme weather conditions. Rain or shine, people passing by will know exactly what you’re advertising. Our PVC models provide a seamless print with no visible hardware, giving them a professional finish. Metal frames allow you to easily slide in your new message without the need of purchasing a new stand.

Frames require no installation and foldable construction allows for easy storage. They can be set up virtually anywhere and well suited for a small budget. Despite A-frame signs being easy to move around, they can be weighed down using sand or water, in order to ensure they stay in place.

Depending on what you’re looking for, A-frame signs can use permanent decals or replaceable inserts. Permanent decals are a great choice for long-term promotions, whereas replaceable inserts are great for when specials are frequently changing.

Chalkboard A-frame signs are an alternative option to printed signs. Chalkboard signs are great for businesses with frequently changing specials. No need to print a new sign every time. Simply erase, write, and repeat.

A-frame signs are popular with restaurants and cafes with rotating specials. Many retail locations will use A-frame signs to advertise sales. Some businesses simply use them to display store hours, phone numbers, or other business information. Whatever use you may have for an A-frame sign, you’ll find it to be one of the easiest ways to get customers curious and inside your door.

A-frame signs are also double sided, allowing you to either display the same message on both sides, or have separate messages on each side in order to promote more specials.

Maintenance is as easy as an occasional wipedown of dirt, dust, and other outdoor elements which will find its way onto the sign.

While A-frame signs are typically used outside, many businesses also use them inside to promote specials and other business information. Plus, indoor use can help extend your sign’s lifespan.