Construction is all around us. Where there’s construction, there can also be advertisements for your business! We manufacture construction hoarding signs, allowing you to advertise to those walking or driving past. These large format signs are sure to capture the attention of all those around. Construction hoarding is meant to keep passerbys safe around construction sites. Not only will you keep others safe, but they will also have something to look at!

What makes this form of marketing unique is the lack of competing ads from adjacent sites. The promoter has complete freedom of the ad space giving them an enormous platform for large format impact. Hoarding can also mask your unsightly construction site or renovation.

Oftentimes, construction hoarding signs contain advertisements for what’s currently being worked on. Construction hoarding is a great way to build suspense for your upcoming retail space, restaurant, or residential building.

Your graphic can include renderings of the finished structure, opening date, contact information such as phone numbers and emails, and anything else you want people to see. Unsure of how to maximize the space? Talk with us about our design services, and we’ll help you with your design!

The types of full colour construction hoarding signs that we offer for sites are plywood, small-site hoarding, and fence wraps.


The most commonly found construction hoarding sign. These signs are designed to hide the mess of construction sites and keep passerbys safe. Oversized plywood signs are a great option for displaying your large graphic, especially in high traffic areas.

RETAIL hoarding

You don’t always need oversized hoarding for every construction project. Sometimes, a smaller hoarding will do exactly what you need. They may be smaller, but they are still large-size signs that allow for plenty of advertising space.

Fence Wraps

Fence wraps are lightweight yet incredibly durable mesh banners. Its mesh pattern allows for wind to easily flow through. Printed with UV resistant ink, your design is sure to display beautifully, even in tough weather conditions.

We’d love to work with you to create your construction hoarding sign. Get in touch today!